Grass Clippings

Residential Notice - Grass Clippings - 2023

Grass Clippings are "Not" Collected Curbside

  • Residents who wish to dispose of grass clippings can bring them to the Department of Public Works’ Yard on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon starting late-April through late-October.
  • Grass clippings will be accepted in biodegradable paper bags or in open barrels or cans; weighing no more than 35 pounds per can or bag.
  • No plastic bags.

As an alternative to disposing of grass clippings and yard waste, consider grasscycling or backyard composting.

A Truth about Grasscycling and Backyard Composting: Composting will improve soil moisture, decrease erosion and recycle nutrients and organic matter freely back to the soil. Grasscycling does not cause thatch build-up or spread lawn disease but increases organic matter for a healthier soil and lawn.