Lisa Gerickont, Tax Collector
(908) 725-9478 x 120
(908) 725-9478 x 101, Tara Kabus Tax Clerk

Payments of cash or check are received at the Tax Office during regular business hours.

 2014 TAX SALE LIST.pdf

The Tax Sale will be held on Friday, July 11, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

 If you would like to pay with a credit card or through your checking account, please go to:

Please note that there is an additional charge of 3% when you pay on line with a credit card.


Important Tax Bill Information
Please remember that it is not the date you mail your payment in, rather it is the date we receive your payment that determines the payment date. 


Property Tax Deduction on Dwelling House or Qualified New Jersey Resident Senior Citizen, Disabled Person, or Surviving Spouse:

userfiles/PTD - Property Tax Deduction Form Page 1.pdf
userfiles/PTD - Property Tax Deduction Form Page 2.pdf
userfiles/PTD - Property Tax Deduction Form Page 3.pdf
List of Documents Required to obtain Senior Citizen Deduction:  userfiles/Documents that are required for Senior Citizen Deduction.doc

Property Tax Deduction Claim by Veteran or Surviving Spouse/Surviving Civil Union Partner/Surviving Domestic Partner of Veteran or Service Person:

userfiles/VSS - Tax Deduction Claim Form - Veteran or Spouse Page 1 - Instructions.pdf
userfiles/VSS - Tax Deduction Claim Form - Veteran or Spouse Page 2.pdf

The following are links to pages on the Division of Taxation Website:

Property Tax Reimbursement Eligibility Requirements:

Governor Announces Filing Deadline Extended for Homestead Rebate and Senior Freeze Applications:

 Phone Numbers to Remember:         

   Somerset County Board of Taxation
    Address: 27 Warren Street 4th Floor
             P.O. Box 3000
             Somerville, NJ 08876
     Phone: 908-541-5701
     Fax:    908-685-0956                            

To receive senior citizen deduction or veteran deduction forms:
Borough of Manville
          Tax Collector’s office:
          Lisa M. Gerickont, CTC
          908-725-9478 x 120
          Hours of operation Monday thru Friday 9-5
Except for the 2nd/4th Mondays of the month hours of operation are 9am to 7 pm and those Fridays the hours of operation are 9am to 2 pm
          Tax Assessor’s office:
          908-725-9478 x 109
     Hours of operation Monday 1:40pm to 5:00 pm
         Tuesday 9am to 5:00 pm
         Thursday 9am to 5:00 pm
New Jersey Property Tax Reimbursement Application forms (also known as THE FREEZE ACT) and the Homestead Rebate
                   Division of Taxation satellite office
                   75 Veterans Drive Somerville, NJ 08876

                   Phone number: 1-908-704-3362

Senior Tax Freeze Information.pdf

Somerset County Office on Aging:
                   Office on Aging
First Floor
27 Warren Street
Somerville, NJ 08876
Phone: 1-888-747-1122 or (908) 704-6346


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